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The holidays are finished, it is now time to go back home...

Diving in Bali has been such a great experience that you want to share it with the others.


Leave us a note, e-mail us your comments, and we will add it in this page.


Thanks to everybody!



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Some e-mails...


From: Rachèle Meijster

Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2005 2:55 AM

Subject: Back Home


Hi Camilla,

After a long flight we are back in cold and rainy Holland :(  We are missing Bali already. I want to thank you again for everything, we really enjoyed the Advanced course with Henk in Tulamben and diving with you at Nusa Penida (but  don’t start about Mola Mola's :), we have to come back to see them!),  and you have a terrific beach bar. So probably we'll meet again.

Anyway, I will recommend you to al my diving clients who will go to Bali on holiday.  Keep in touch! Bye Bye

Rachèle (and Ed)

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From: JamieJenkins

Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 1:54 AM

Subject: thank you as well!


H &Camilla,  

Mo has just sent me the picture of your beautiful boat about to head for the sea – how very exciting…..it looks simply wonderful.   I too just wanted to say how totally brilliant you guys were with us on Silolona. I had the best time diving and thought Komodo was a very special place – so thank you for looking out for us and organizing everything so well. I am very glad to hear you had a great time too…..I’m sure Tor is fixing up some CDs so you’ll get the pictures soon.   Hope that you have a successful launch in the next couple of days and I know it won’t be very long before some of us are heading out to your beautiful part of the world to get a closer look!!!   All the very best to you both and the family,



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From: Jenkins, Melanie

Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 7:28 PM


Dear H and Camilla,

I am not sure where to begin in writing to thank you for the most amazing week on board Silolona…. it was a truly mindblowingly amazing experience! I know that I was mildly apprehensive about coming out to Indonesia and attempting to re-create our amazing holiday with you on-board Perentis, with the risk that we (particularly Dad!) had built up the memories with time, with the risk that it wouldn't live up to expectations, but it really did exceed everything I ever dreamed it could and would be! You were both so brilliant in ensuring that all of us(divers/non-divers, young/ old, first time visitors to Komodo or returnees) had the best holiday ever, and I realize what hard work that must have been, but we so appreciated it. I also really really appreciate the fact that you slightly adjusted the itinerary half way through the trip - looking back, I have no doubt that it was the right thing to do as Dad so so loved all the moorings and snorkeling in the north, and particularly Batu Monchol and it made his holiday being able to go back there - thank you (and as far as I know he still thinks it was bad weather down south that lead to the The boat was just incredible - I had never seen anything like it, but the best bit about it was the crew, who really couldn’t have looked after us better. Thank you, thank you for everything.

Best of luck with your boat launch this week - we’re all thinking of you from the UK,

Lots of love

Mo xxx Melanie Jenkins

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From: Liz

Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 5:17 AM

Subject: Holiday June 2005


Dear H & Camilla,

What a wonderful time you gave us last week, it has been voted without doubt the best ever, all the hard work and effort you made into selecting the boat and we all very much appreciate all your enthusiasm and commitment when we were all aboard the boat.   The coral was magnificent and the boat has spoilt us forever, on behalf of the family I cannot thank you enough.   When you have had the meeting with Patti can you please keep me informed of the whereabouts of Silolona as we will do another family holiday.   Hope all goes well on 21st July when you launch your boat, we will all be thinking of you and if you could please pencil Patsi and I in for June 2007.   Again thank you for everything you have done for us all.  

Kind regards  


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From: Kate Gunn

Sent: Monday, April 18, 2005 8:17 PM

Subject: Re: OWC 11th. April


Dear Camilla,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed learning to dive with your company. I very much enjoyed going to Tulamben and diving there. Such a great location made learning much more fun. All the staff at Global were very helpful, and Cornelis was a great instructor. I am not the easiest person to teach. I look forward to diving with you again, and will recommend you to friends.


Kate Gunn

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From our in house guestbook...


First Class!

Thanks, great service, food, beer and of course diving. Cheers to all!

See you again!

Wendy Renciman (Tasmania)

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Many thanks for your patience and caring throughout the trips. We had a wonderful time. Great recommendations and site selections. Our finest wreck dive too! And the manta rays!

Lots of hugs

Lucy and Alvin

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4th Sept 2005

We spent 2 beautiful days with so far the most professional team. Thank you H & Camilla + rest of the crew for making our honeymoon even better!

With love

Sanna and Henrik


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Highly recommendable, professional, safety and custom oriented, great dive sites, good equipment… You wont regret the extra $. Short but good, count on “Danish” Cornelis for good dives!

Jacob - Denmark

1st June 2005

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Perfect day of diving. Saw manta rays for the first time at Manta Point! A Dream come true! Thank you Henk.

Matt and Martina – UK & Switzerland


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April 21 2005

A day to remember!!!

“Pura Pet” DOLPHINS (12-15) at 30 mt. Thanks Henk!

I guess they were curious to see two golf balls floating around…

Rest of the dive was as usual superb!

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23rd March 2005

Great dive, great team!

We’ll be back for more.

Euan and Monica – South Africa & Italy

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18th Mar 2005

Great thank you’s to the Global Team – Especially Henk – who introduced & got me hooked on diving.

Global has been really open, friendly & helpful to me and Adam the whole time. I’ll never forget you guys.

Lots of love

Sisse Mc Neil

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