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The day has gone by, it's time to fill in the logbooks and have a chat in front of a ice cold beer!


And it's also time to share our experiences, talk about the day, ask questions and give answers...


In this section of the website you will find the updated reports of our latest dives, what we encounter and what we noted.


The point of view of our guests, together with some of their photos will be hosted here, so come back here often because this page is updated frequently!












MTV WILDBOYZ TOUR by Camilla Pallett 


We have another diving experience to share with you all….

On the 22nd. of Feb. we had a request on taking the Wildboyz team for a few dives to shoot for the ongoing MTV Wildboyz series later this year.


The team was on a 2 week tour around Indonesia to shoot for the series and a few of the team members are divers… We took out Jeff (Producer), Mark (U/W camera), Trip (on top camera) and SteveO (wildboy!) and a camera assistant, Chris, to Nusa Penida for diving and fun.


The plan was to do Blue Corner but the currents where too strong for filming so we did South Penida Rock and Jackpoint.  The first dive was to get into the ‘motion’ and we had a nice and easy dive for all. SteveO tried to get his hand into an Morey Eels mouth but the Morey would have nothing of it! They decided to try the same thing again on the second dive…


So we went to Jackpoint and dived in again. We found a bigger Morey eel here and SteveO tried to put his hand in there again.  They didn’t notice the Scorpion fish sitting next to it and we were all trying to let them know he was a bit too close…Marc (the camera man) saw it and moved SteveO away, phuiii, you don’t want that thing to sting you!


So they ended up with two good shootings and as we all know they want to do some really crazy things so it was now SteveO’s turn to come up with something.  The problem here is that I can’t disclose what he did, you all have to watch the series (this shooting should be shown on MTV in June!) to see what crazy ideas he has!


We went back to our beach in Sanur with the team and all was satisfied with the outcome. SteveO had to do the ‘Yard of Ale’ (see picture) and did a grand job of it!


The left for more adventures and shooting around Bali, first to the Elephant park to play with elephants (!) and on east to Komodo for the dragons (!!) and then to Kalimantan…

Look out for the MTV Wildboyz series from June, it will all be there! 











More Mola Mola!! By Camilla Pallett

We made another great dive with Mola Mola over at Blue Corner, Nusa Lembongan on the 28th January.

The new moon was still pulling strong and we had quite a strong current on the 1st. dive, we were flying over the corals in a 4 knot current. Some of the guests got low on air pretty fast because of this and a few of us couldn’t really stop on the corner out of the current so we decided to do the 2nd dive there too.

When we drop in after 2 hours surface interval, the current had dropped to next to nothing. So we entered closer to Blue corner, and needed a short swim at this time.

As soon as we hit the ledge we had a large black blotch ray (see picture) swimming away and another one resting under the ledge. Great start…

We swam further towards the corner and I spotted a good size tawny nurse shark also resting under the ledge (see picture). Just as I was pointing it out the divers ahead had 2 spotted eagle rays (see picture) just cruising by in front, we didn’t know where to look! Fortunately for us at the back the two rays came back toward us to give us a closer look. Perfect!

So getting closer to the corner we were all looking out in the deep for the bigger fish…

And low and behold, at the same spot as usual (32 meters on the corner) there is a sunfish hovering, being cleaned by schooling banner fish.

‘H’ at the front was screaming ‘SUNFISH’ through his regulator and we all got closer and had a great view until our bottom time was nearing too close to our limits.

He stayed around there and everyone had a closer look, this one seemed to have a damaged tail fin, which looked like a shark may have tried to get a bite! (See picture)

He stayed there for a few more minutes and the divers were staring in awe at this big fish, their eyes and the sunfish’s eyes as big as saucers!

It is not really the season for the Mola-Mola yet, but current, water temp (colder!) and visibility (30 m.+) is right for it. Incidentally they were spotted in January last year as well and we will keep one and all updated on more sightings ahead, stay tuned!!









Click for larger image.

White Tip Shark




Click for larger image.

Mola Mola






My best dive ever!!! By Henk Botma

One of our guests Enrico (going for his 5th and 6th dive) had not seen sharks yet, so he extended his stay one day to have a chance of seeing them at Gili Mimpang. So we (instructor Steve, guest Dee, Enrico and I) planned a trip to Candidasa. What a dive trip it turned out to be!!

We buddied up (Steve/Dee and Henk/Enrico), took 2 little jukungs (canoes) and went first to the little Island off Candidasa, known as Gili Tepekong (Goat Island). There we had a great dive, loads of good corals, perfect marine life, good visibility, but this was not the dive to be logged in my logbook as My best dive EVER.

After a lunch during the surface interval, we headed the 2 jukungs to another Island known as Gili Mimpang. This dive site is nicknamed “Sharkpoint”.

We made 2 dive profiles, Steve and Dee wanted a wall dive and Enrico and I went for biggest opportunity of sharks, to the sandy bottom at 23 meter.

Only 5 minutes into the dive: Enrico’s biggest wish came true; we were met by a 2 meter long White tip Shark and then even more. After 20 minutes of observing them, seeing them pass us below (and beside, and overhead) we headed on to finish the dive at the wall. Then.. The sky turned slowly to grey (clouds covering the sun?), then to dark (oops, what’s happening) and then to absolutely, utter darkness!!!!!! I could just see the wall on my left side and Enrico 30 cm on my right side. I grabbed a rock just in time as.... we were surrounded by trillions of baitfish, a school so dense that no glimpse of light whatsoever came through. The only thing I could sometimes focus on was where the fish where passing FAST, just a couple of cm’s from my mask. This (I still don’t know how to call it) “experience” lasted for minutes!!

Then light came slowly through, Enrico and I looked at each other, both with a grin big enough to lose our regs and decided just get our breath back and to drift along the wall for the last minutes of the dive.

Looking at the corals and marine life on the wall, but not really seeing anything, I just looked into the deep and….. lost my breath again, I could just point to the deep to Enrico. Only 2 or 3 meters away from us a…… Mola Mola (Sunfish, see picture) of maybe 2.5 meter from tip to tip, just hanging there.

This cost us both our remaining bottom time, so we made our safety stop and surfaced where we both just looked at each other and could not even speak. We will both never forget this dive.

Note: Gili Tepekong and Gili Mimpang are known places for possibilities of sharks, Mola mola’s, great caverns and not to forget The Canyon. But be aware, as these rocks are out there in the open ocean, conditions can vary and can change at anytime. Don’t dive there if you are not experienced or without a guide/instructor, who is very familiar with these dive sites.




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