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Brief History of Global Aquatic.

Ten years ago and almost six thousand dives ago, Dave “H” Pallett landed in Bali for a two week vacation on the “Island of the Gods” Little did he know that he would stay and within one year have his first diving company where he would meet Camilla. Their whole life would change with Bali becoming the couple’s new home.

After an agreement that “H” would teach Camilla to dive and in return, she teaches him how to ski (still a sore subject with him) Camilla is now “the wife” mother of their two beautiful children, Emily and John as well as a Master Instructor.

In an effort to lift the standards of dive centers and actual diving in Bali, which was desperately needed at that time “H” and Camilla have been striving for the perfection of diving and in affiliation with Global Aquatic Austria, have finally moved Global Aquatic Bali to the beachfront with a new look dive centre, a first-class team of Instructors, top staff, and of course a Beach bar for the Après dive.

One of the few things that have not changed in the couple’s life, “H” still skis like Bambi on ice!



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